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ARAP Hosts its final Steering Committee Meeting
Published 26/11/2020
ARAP Hosts its final Steering Committee Meeting

Accra, 26 November 2020 – ARAP Steering Committee members gathered online to review its last quarterly activities and as the programme entered its final 5  months, the coordination unit has been focused on implementing the pending final key activities and,  at the same time on strengthening the gains made over the past years through enhancing stakeholder capacity to deal with the new challenges brought on by the pandemic and the exit of the programme. This last Steering Committee was chaired by Mr Dauda Ahmed from the National Authorising Office (Ministry of Finance).

The Steering Committee, which provides support, guidance, and oversight the progress of the programme, compromised representatives of ARAP’s coordination unit, the Delegation of the European Union to Ghana, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), the Attorney General (AG), the Judiciary and Judicial Service (JS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Legal Aid Commission (LAC), the Economic and Organized Crime Organisation (EOCO), and The Star Ghana Foundation (STAR).

The ARAP CU has focused in the past quarter on supporting its stakeholders to consolidate their gains as the programme prepares to close out.  Hence many activities over the quarter under review have been concentrated on the logistical and administrative aspect of the closure:

  • Inventory and legal transfer of all the items and procurements provided during the 5 years of the programme within all the stakeholders.
  • The Formal hand over and transfer of the digital platforms created and put in place under the programme ensuring the proper training of the administration of those platforms to guarantee this sustainability and maintenance. In addition to this, the programme has provided technical equipment to support the digitasation efforts started within stakeholder institutions under the programme.
  • Looking at the exit and closure of the CU office a detail inventory of the items has been done and the step for their donation to the stakeholders has been put in place. 
  • A final monitoring and internal Evaluation process have started, some interviews and collection of information has been requested to all stakeholders.
  • And the collection of the necessary information to present the Annual Report 2020 and the Final Report of the programme is ongoing.

At the meeting, ARAP’s Team Leader, Ms Ana Sanchez, provided a general overview of the 32 activities that have been implemented or ongoing during the quarter under review.

Some of these activities successfully implemented include:

  • The provision and dissemination of the printing of secondary legislation and Institutional policies validated by the Stakeholders under the programme.
  • The provision of a crucial public education and communication tool for NCCE: the Cinema van, a  customize vehicle with an advance audio-visual tools to support and extend their legal mandate in public education and public awareness in Ghana meant to augment the audio-visual capacity of the Commission to reach out to the populace using documentaries, films, and audio-recordings such as jingles, pre-recorded voice messages, and live street or community announcements.
  • The Annual training for State Attorneys has been conducted by the AGO and Ministry of Justice, focused on the continues training of attorneys in key areas in relation to prosecuting corruption, environmental crime, cyber - crime and related offences.
  • To support the implementation of capacity building and the use of the digital management platforms legally transfer during the period to the Stakeholders , the programme has provided computers, desktop, routers , printers and other technological equipment to support: the AGO ; DPP and Solicitor general office, GPS Legal Unit and PPSB , EOCO , and EPA .
  • A key activity under the programme finally has been concluded under this period, the development of the Legal Web library (LWL). The Web Library is a result of a partnership between the Judiciary, the Judicial Service and the Council for Law Reporting with the support of the European Union. The LWL is an online platform that provides a comprehensive collection of national legislations, judicial decisions and supporting rules and regulations and judicial commentaries accessible to judges, magistrates, the Bar, and all the actors working in the criminal justice sector.

Furthermore, following the finalisation of the Exit Strategy the key actions are undertaken included:

  • Handover of Digital Platform, Equipment, and Furniture
  • Final signature of the legal transfer and donation documents to be signed between FIIAPP and the stakeholders.
  • Administrative Steps to Close the CU Office.

This included the inventorying and distribution of office assets and furniture/equipment to stakeholders.

  • Exploring and promote Synergies between our stakeholders with Other International Programmes.

It has also been instrumental in continuing to engage with future development partners and international networks in its quest to build on the gains of ARAP.

To conclude, it is important to highlight that the Commutative rate of execution of the Programme. After 10 months of implementation in 2020, the rate of execution is 89,56%. This figure provides the information for mid-November 2020, with an estimated implementation rate of around 95% for the final closure of the programme.

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