National Commission for Civic Education
National Commission for Civic Education

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) was set up in 1993 to strengthen and promote Ghana’s democracy, as well as educate citizens about their rights and obligations.  It is an independent, non-partisan public institution.  With a presence in every district throughout the country, it plays a crucial awareness raising role that supports ARAP’s delivery of public and civic education activities.

NCCE’s expertise in public education coupled with its ability to reach citizens at national, regional and district level make it a direct stakeholder in the programme.  In the ARAP framework, NCCE deploys its public educators to work directly with the general public on anti-corruption and accountability issues.  NCCE is a direct implementer of ARAP, together with FIIAPP and STAR-Ghana and receives a direct grant from the EU for its own work plan.

Lines of Work

Complementary Technical Support to NCCE Grant

The NCCE has a direct grant to hold civic education activities to enhance accountability, strengthen anti-corruption initiatives and improve environmental governance in Ghana.

ARAP provides additional technical assistance to implement the grant, through technical advise, analysis, capacity building and awareness raising activities.

Lines of action

Capacity Development

Awareness Raising and Campaigning