Legal Aid Commission
Legal Aid Commission

Ghana’s Legal Aid Scheme (LAS) was created in 1997 to ensure that all citizens have equal access to justice and equal treatment before the law.  Supported by the Government of Ghana, its goal is to achieve a just and equitable society by providing nationwide quality legal aid.  LAS acts as a Public Defender in cases where Ghana’s socially and financially disadvantaged citizens may require legal services.  With a presence in all districts throughout Ghana, the LAS works to provide information for the general public to increase their understanding of the law, and the legal services they can receive.

The LAS is fundamental to the fight against corruption, where legal aid can be offered to citizens wishing to pursue cases of corruption.  Encouraging citizens to file lawsuits against public officials in cases of misappropriated funds for example can help to reduce the size of the problem.  ARAP supports the training of lawyers and paralegals, as well as public education activities in such anti-corruption efforts.

Lines of Work

Strengthen LAC Capacity in Legal Aid Delivery

The LAS was created to provide legal assistance to vulnerable people and ensure all citizens have equal access and treatment before the law. Since the Legal Aid Commission Act 2018 was passed into law, the institution name changed to Legal Aid Commission (LAC).

ARAP helps strengthen the LAC’s ability to provide citizens with access to justice, particularly through capacity development and technical assistance.

Lines of action

Capacity Development on Anti - Corruption

Public Education on LAC mandate

Capacity Development on Case Management

Strategic Development

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) System

Implementation of Legal Aid Commission Act

In 2018 the Parliament passed the Legal Aid Commission Act 2018 (Act 977), converting the Legal Aid Scheme into the Legal Aid Commission (LAC). ARAP's support focusses on reinforcing the LAC's institutional role, by developing a Scheme of Service and a proper Legal Aid Policy.

Lines of action

Regulations and Policy

Scheme of Service

Launch of Legal Aid Commission