Ghana Police Service
Ghana Police Service

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) is the primary law enforcement agency for the country. Its history dates back to 1821 with the introduction of professional policing. Working under the Ministry of Interior, it seeks to protect and preserve the internal security of Ghana, helping to ensure citizens can enjoy safe, secure and peaceful communities. Its focus on crime prevention and detection, as well as the apprehension and prosecution of offenders, also makes it an important stakeholder for ARAP’s anti-corruption efforts in Ghana.

ARAP actively works alongside GPS to ensure accountability and transparency throughout its own policies, procedures and working practices.  Such efforts seek to strengthen internal integrity and accountability, necessary for combatting corruption within the police ranks, and staying true to their motto ‘Service With Integrity’.  GPS is a crucial actor of Ghana's anti-corruption chain, as one of the main investigating and prosecuting agencies.

Lines of Work

Prevent Internal Corruption

To increase accountability and prevent corruption, public servants must perform duties with professionalism and ethics, and strong complaints mechanisms are necessary to report ethical misconduct and corruption.

ARAP supports the Police Professional Standards Bureau to strengthen internal control mechanisms and line supervision across the Police Force.  Technical assistance and training are provided, as well as digital platforms to manage complaints. There is also focus on communication and public education efforts, to build the trust of citizens and civil society towards the GPS.

Lines of action

Internal Control Mechanisms

Ethics and Professionalism (Service Instructions)

Enhance Police Accountability and Public Education

Information Management System (IMS)

Gender Mainstreaming

Capacity to Prosecute Criminal Cases

The Attorney General Department’s Public Prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting offences in Ghana. However due to resource constraints, other agencies are given a fiat to prosecute on the AG’s behalf. The GPS in particular has taken on such a role, with over 400 assigned officials.

ARAP aims to strengthen the capacity and professionalism of Police Prosecutors, works to improve standardised systems with closer guidance and monitoring from the AGD, including early involvement in investigations.

Lines of action

Capacity Development

Information Management System (IMS) for Strengthening Prosecutions