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Broad activities

Support to Data Collection and Analysis

The Survey aimed to be a representative sample of the public perception on the state of corruption, public accountability and environmental governance in Ghana.  ARAP supported the training of over 200 research assistants, so they could properly collate and analyse the surveyed data.


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Discussions after the Research

The Research findings are used to inform the design of civic education strategies and messages on its thematic areas: Anti-corruption, Rule of Law, Public Accountability and Environmental Governance.  Dialogues now take place to engage, educate and empower the citizenry to participate in the governance process. Citizens are encouraged to contribute to reducing corruption, improving accountability and compliance with the rule of law, and enhancing environmental governance.


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National Dialogue on Research Findings - Anti-Corruption Week View

Second National Dialogue on Research Findings: Public Accountability and Abuse of Office View

Third National Dialogue on Research Findings: Environmental Governance View

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Research Printing

ARAP supported the dissemination of the Research by printing over 700 copies.  It is available for all NCCE offices, so staff can use it as the main tool in their campaigns.


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