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High Level Conference on the State of Corruption

A State of Corruption Report has been publicly launched by CHRAJ.  With ARAP's support, it disseminated the progress made in the implementation of NACAP, as well as the challenges ahead for its next phase.


High Level Conference to Launch State of Corruption Report and Anti-Corruption Day 2017 View

Commemoration Anti - Corruption Day 2018 View

Development and Dissemination of  the NACAP Progress Reports

NACAP Progress Reports are fundamental to measuring the success of NACAP's implementation and therefore CHRAJ's primary monitoring tool.  ARAP helps CHRAJ to develop the reports, support ownership by implementing partners, and widely disseminate the report findings.


Preparation of NACAP 2016 Annual Progress Report View

Preparation of NACAP 2017 Annual Progress Report View

Workshop to disseminate the NACAP Reports View

Preparation of NACAP 2018 Annual Progress Report View

Printing of NACAP Implementation Report View

Preparation of NACAP 2019 Annual Progress Report - Joint HiLIC-MONICOM Meeting View

Printing of NACAP Implementation Report 2019 View

Strengthen Collaboration among anti-corruption agencies (information sharing and exchange platform)


Anti-Corruption Week Inauguration Ceremony (2017) View

Anti - Corruption Week Launch (2018) View

Anti - Corruption & Transparency Week Launch (2019) View

Youth Forum View

Coordination of ACA Platform View