Public servants are helped to perform their duties with a focus on Accountability, Professionalism, Ethics and Internal Corruption Control.

Public bodies are helped to adhere to certain codes of conduct and standard procedures, to enable citizens to file complaints and reports.  This includes putting in place strong complaints mechanisms to report ethical misconduct and corruption - a powerful way to increase accountability and prevent corrupt activities.

ARAP supports a range of public bodies in such a way.  For example:

The Ghana Police Service:  improving internal control mechanisms of the Police Professional Standards Bureau, while strengthening line supervision across the Police Force.

The Judicial Service:  creating and implementing the Public Relations and Complaint Units across Ghana, where citizens can file complaints against corruption or misconduct.

The Environmental Protection Agency:  improving their complaints management and compliance monitoring, to detect breaches of law and opportunities for corruption in the private sector.  Includes specific support for the digitalisation of EPA’s compliance monitoring of EPA permit-holders.

The Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice:  building a culture of ethics and professionalism, and strengthening the reporting and complaints mechanisms among public institutions - in line with its NACAP mandate.