To support a stronger, more coordinated Criminal Justice Chain, the focus to ensure that Ghana’s regulatory and legislative anti-corruption framework can overcome any challenges of implementation, and strengthen the coordination between actors in the criminal justice system. 

ARAP is working with the EPA’s prosecutors so they can investigate environmental crimes. As well as with EOCO supporting its ability to investigate.

Inter-institutional cooperation involved in research is promoted as training in Disclosure together with AG, EPA and EOCO.

ARAP is working with CHRAJ’s investigative area, to also help strengthen Ghana’s prosecution service.  The Attorney General Office and Police Prosecutors are supported with communication, information sharing and joint work.  ARAP will also support the Office of Special Prosecutor once established. 

Likewise, the Judiciary is supported for more standardised management of the Courts.  The creation of a web-based legal library will make legislation and judgements available to the whole Judiciary, as well as the rest of the criminal justice system. 

ARAP’s focus on environmental governance is reflected in this area, through the development of special tools and capacity building activities.  Support is provided for  the prosecution and adjudication of environmental offences in the criminal justice chain, and the EPA.