SEPTEMBER: Summary of news
Published 15/10/2019
SEPTEMBER: Summary of news

Here’s a selection of what has been happening:

The signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Council for Law Reporting (CLR) and the Judicial Service.

The Signing of the MoU was accompanied with a Work plan on technological aspects, and the constitution of a Web – Library ManagementCommitteeto roll-out the web-library and foreseethe future needs of the maintenance and sustainability of the web.

Training Prosecutors on Disclosure Procedures and Anti-Corruption

ARAP supported the Ghana Police Service and the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice to develop and validate Disclosure Guidelines.

These trainings will continue throughout Ghana training over 1000 prosecutors and investigators across the country to equip them with the tools to effectively prosecute corruption cases while ensuring that all Ghanaians have access to a fair trial and access to justice.

General Police Service (GPS) Handover

One key area of support needed by GPS is in the field of automation of social media monitoring. The Ghana Police Service received over 40,000€ worth of equipment: laptops, cameras, drones and software that will enable them to communicate more effectively and efficiently with Ghanaian citizens.

CHRAJ validates it Strategic Plan

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice have a constitutional mandate to promote human rights, play the role of an ombudsman and act as an anti-corruption agency. They validated its new 5-Year Strategic Plan that will contribute to promoting a better Ghana and the rights of its citizens.

Spanish Ambassador to Ghana visited ARAP Coordination Unit 

Spanish Ambassador to Ghana, H. E. Alicia Rico and the Deputy Head of Mission, Mr Rafael Rodriguez-Ponga visited ARAP HQ where they were briefed about ARAP’s work in Ghana.


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