ARAP Website Launch
Published 13/08/2018
ARAP Website Launch

The Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme’s website is now live.  

This website is designed to help share key information about corruption, accountability and rule of law related issues in Ghana.  It presents how these issues are being tackled by the country’s key ‘frontline’ institutions (together with citizens, the media and civil society) and the role of ARAP to strengthen such efforts.

Information about our objectives, lines of work and focus areas are now accessible here online, including all key events and news stories about ARAP’s work.  Details are available about who our partner stakeholder organisations are and what activities we are working on together. Such activities and collaborations are facilitated by EU funding and coordinated by FIIAPP, with the participation of specialist advisors and researchers.

We are proud to be able to showcase what the Programme has achieved so far, and what it aims to accomplish going forward.  Publications such as our guidelines, manuals and strategies are also available to view, further presenting the progress and practical direction being taken with ARAP’s support in Ghana’s fight against corruption.