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ARAP Holds its Final Annual Retreat in Aburi
Published 18/02/2020
ARAP Holds its Final Annual Retreat in Aburi

Aburi, 29 January 2020. ARAP organised its Final Annual Retreat from 29th to 31st January, 2020 in Aburi. The two-day retreat brought together all its stakeholders including the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Judicial Service (JS), Ghana Police Service (GPS), Office of Attorney General (OAG), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Legal Aid Commission (LAC), National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), and STAR Ghana. In attendance were representatives from the Council for Law Reporting and the European Union Delegation to Ghana (EUD).

The specific objectives of the retreat were the following:

1.      To take stock of the implementation of ARAP by all the Stakeholders in 2019.

2.      Provide an update on the implementation of the Mid Term Evaluation recommendations.

3.      Address possible factors which may hinder implementation and plan on measures to ensure smooth implementation and improve chances of enduring and coordinated results of the interventions of ARAP.

4.      To take steps towards the development and implementation of Exit and Sustainability Strategy.

The two-day retreat was facilitated by Mr. Noble Kumawu, President of Organisation Development (OD) Institute. There were brief remarks by key officials present including Mr. Tuinese Amuzu, ARAP Key Expert on Rule of Law, Mr. Sotirios Bazikamwe, EUD Project Officer with responsibility for ARAP, and DCOP Mr. David Eklu of the Ghana Police Service and the Chair for ARAP Steering Committee.

Taking into account the impending presidential and parliamentary elections in December 2020, the retreat discussed appropriate timing of various activities, coordination among partners and proactivity on the part of institutions in order to take advantage the opportunities presented by the elections while bearing the risks in mind. CHRAJ informed the meeting of its intention to undertake some elections-related activities and hence it plans to discuss with the Coordination Unit, the re-allocation of ACT Week related budget to election monitoring activities. 

The stakeholder institutions took the opportunity to present their initial views on the exit and sustainability strategy taking into account the ARAP deliverables. In general, the deliverables could be phased out, phased down or phased over. Most of the stakeholders will phase down and phase most of the deliverables. Participants were urged to complete and submit all important documents such as 2020 work plans to ARAP before the next SC meeting. They were asked to continue implementing activities whilst finalising work plans. ARAP will hold also meetings with stakeholders individually within the week of 21st February 2020 to conclude on work plans for the year.

The stakeholders were encouraged to increase efforts to achieve goals set for this year as ARAP has a very limited time within which to execute a heavy work plan for the rest of the year.

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