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ARAP Coordination Unit latest update on its Contingency Plan
Published 24/04/2020
ARAP Coordination Unit latest update on its Contingency Plan

Madrid, 24 April 2020. ARAP Coordination Unit continues to telework from Ghana and Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have updated our Contingency Plan and we continue to promote the use of new technologies. Some of the latest updates:

Relationship and performance with Stakeholders

  • The calendar for the second pilot on complaints of the EPA has been reformulated, in agreement with the institution, a priori and pending the evolution of events in the coming months. The preparation work of the activity is advanced, with the expert who directs it in constant communication with the EPA via telematics.

Once the manual that will serve as a basis for this second pilot has been completed, it is printed and will be disseminated telematically.

  • Studying suitable platforms to carry out online work and e-learning training:
  • On Monday 27 April 2020, an online telematic meeting has been convened with the main partner institutions in the programme to analyse the online platform that best suits the needs, establishing the requirements and opportunities of a work plan for the development of activities and online training.
  • The strategic plan has been designed with an analysis of means, needs, risks, and costs, by the Public Education Expert of the programme and will be shared with the Institutions in a telematic meeting on Monday 27 April 2020.
  • The compilation of the manuals and validated secondary legislation are pending for printing. To date, the process has begun with two LAC codes.  

  • The possibilities of carrying out activities on-line have been analysed, and to date the validation of the LAC strategic plan has been set in motion telematically.   Presented by the Strategy Consultant, an on-line process of analysis, examination and evaluation is being designed for its validation with the on-line institution that will be discussed and approved in a meeting on 23 April 2020 among the Coordination Unit - KE Rule of LAW, KE Public Education, the consultant who has elaborated the strategy, the Director of LAC and heads of the LAC management units.

In view of what was agreed next week, the process of validation of the document will begin.

  • The design of the programme has been presented with the EPA Legal Unit and the specific aspects of the programme are being finalised with the EPA, as well as a possible timetable for its implementation, considering the e-learning formula that is being initiated in the programme.
  • Working on the elaboration of Memorandums of Understanding with the beneficiary institutions for the transfer of the computer platforms, where the developed systems are hosted (web-based library).
  • Tendering of computer equipment being processed through the emergency procedure (pending the report of the State Attorney's Office).
  • Initiated the contracting (also through the emergency procedure) of the NCCE (National Commission of Civic Education) website, as support for the communication and awareness campaign of Ghanaian citizens aimed at informing and raising awareness about the prevention of the COVID-19 virus.

Internal Programme Planning

  • Work is being carried out in the areas and tasks defined in the Contingency Plan by the individuals and experts responsible for them as initially planned. Work in progress.
  • On 17April 2020, a virtual meeting was successfully organized through Zoom (license acquired for the program). A coordination meeting of the entire ARAP team, at headquarters and field office. This tool guarantees the permanent coordination of all the project staff.
  • Preparing the technical requirements for the next Steering Committee, scheduled for 27 May 2020 to be held virtually. Evaluating the following tools, according to the strategic analysis of opportunities, risks, and costs carried out by KE in Public Education, with the advice of the IT experts.

Relationship and communication with the EU

  • Permanent contact is maintained with DEU, working at this time on the Addendum for the extension of the deadline for contracting (which ended on 5 July 2020), standardised readjustment of budget items, an element of assessment for a possible extension of 2 months of the implementation period without a budget increase (no-cost extension),
  • In addition, at the suggestions of the DEU, working on preparing actions to be incorporated into the work plan to support the prevention and fight against the pandemic.

The concrete action of response and support to the fight against the crisis generated by the pandemic that affects many areas; health, social, economic and labor, in the final phase this activity will focus on a decided support to the promotion of the maintenance of the security and labor effectiveness under the circumstances imposed by the pandemic COVID 19.

The proposal will focus on supporting partner institutions in promoting prevention and safety, while maintaining the effectiveness, of work activity under the circumstances imposed by the risks of the pandemic:

  • With measures to support the development and implementation of new communication and information technologies in the institutions, facilitating the development of online and teleworking within the institutions as a safe means of providing work during the pandemic (and as a means of working in the future to respond to the foreseeable changes in the way work services are provided)
  • With supporting measures and international good practice guidelines on safety, health and prevention in the workplace.
  • With the support of new technologies for the improvement of social communication tools that the programme's partner institutions are using in their information and prevention COVID 19 campaigns.

Proposal of concrete action in whose design and implementation plan are involved the TL of the CU, HQ, the KE in Rule of law and Public Education, experts and computer advisers, will be discussed with the Stakeholders of the programme to assess its relevance and implementation in response to the study of needs, means, opportunities, risks and costs in a telematics meeting next week.

Given the exceptional nature of the situation in which we find ourselves, the Contingency Plan will be reviewed again in two weeks.

 We are #UnitedAgainstCOVID19


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