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ARAP Coordination Unit continues to telework during the COVID-19 pandemic
Published 16/04/2020
ARAP Coordination Unit continues to telework during the COVID-19 pandemic

Madrid, 16 April 2020. The COVID-19 public health crisis is an extreme test of the necessity of many parts of our basic daily routine: commuting to the office, face-to-face meetings, and what it means to be a worker in the modern economy. With “social distancing” now an imperative in many places, telecommuting advocates hope working remotely may provide lasting benefits.

ARAP Coordination Unit continues to telework with our stakeholders to ensure a responsible and sustainable programme, and to increase our positive contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have updated our Contingency Plan and we are also promoting the use of new technologies. Some of the latest updates:

Relationship and performance with Stakeholders

  • The calendar for the second pilot on complaints of the EPA has been reformulated, in agreement with the institution, a priori and pending the evolution of events in the coming months of June - July and August (month of final evaluation)
  • The compilation of the manuals and validated secondary legislation pending printing has been launched for final revision and printing.
  • Possibilities for on-line activities are being analysed:

Specifically, the validation of the LAC strategic plan, once presented by the consultant, an online process of analysis, review, and evaluation is being designed for validation with the institution, with future plans for its presentation and public dissemination through social communication networks.

  • Once the design of the programme has been presented to the EPA's Environmental Crimes Legal Unit, the specific aspects of the programme are being finalised with the EPA, taking into account the recommendations of the DEU, as well as a possible timetable for its implementation. The possibility of online training courses is being evaluated.
  • Compilation and analysis of the news related to corruption, transparency and public responsibility in Ghana that provides information on how the extraordinary situation of the crisis COVID-19 is affecting these areas.
  • Development of the video presentation of the Web-Library, as well as the elaboration of a tutorial guide for its diffusion through social networks (the work of extending the content of the web is paralyzed when the work of the CLR is stopped).

Internal Programme Planning

  • Work is being carried out in the areas and tasks defined in the Contingency Plan by the individuals and experts responsible for them as initially planned. Work in progress.
  • The position of Programme Manager has been filled: Olga Gracias Pozuelo has been reinstated.

Relationship and communication with the DEU

Permanent contact is maintained with DEU, who has been informed of the necessary contractual adjustments with some experts to ensure the maintenance of their collaboration with the programme and the incorporation of the Programme Manager in Madrid.

  • An update on the state of the programme has been sent to DEU on 3 April 2020, with a note on the contingencies that have arisen and the possible steps to be taken to deal with them, which have been assessed by FIIAPP.
  • On 8 April 2020, a meeting was held with the DEU where the following was agreed:
  • To continue promoting the program for its completion
  • Review pending activities trying to promote online activities
  • Reformulate the calendar of activities, considering a period of 2 to 3 months of a possible slowdown in the execution and/or suspension of activities.
  • Prepare addenda to the contract for a temporary extension without additional financing of the Programme of 2 - 3 months, readjustment of budget items, an extension of the Contracting Deadline, possible use of the Contingencies item
  • Prepare concrete action to support the Ghanaian institutions in preventing and combating the virus

Given the exceptional nature of the situation in which we find ourselves, the Contingency Plan will be reviewed again in two weeks.

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and We are #UnitedAgainstCOVID19

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