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ARAP Contingency Plan: Update 16/08/2020
Published 18/08/2020
ARAP Contingency Plan: Update 16/08/2020

Accra, 18 August 2020. ARAP Coordination Unit continues to telework from Ghana and Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have updated our Contingency Plan and we continue to promote the use of new technologies. Some of the latest updates:

Relationship and performance with Stakeholders

The effects of the pandemic have had and manifested a real impact on the evolution of the programme: As reported in previous updates at the Contingency Plan, the possibilities, times and new forms of work imposed by the pandemic have made the concrete actions under the work plan agreed with Stakeholders,  to be reviewed and adapted to the current possibilities and methods of work online, promoting teleconferences, online workshops and e-learning for training processes.

After the first period of reorganisation and coordination in the new working formulas with the Stakeholders, in recent months the commitment and involvement of everyone in the programme has been highlighted and achieving a real adaptation to the new circumstances that have allowed the continuity of the activity, and the achievement of results in recent months despite the limitations that still exist and the impact on the pace of implementation of the reorganization period imposed since March.

The following should be added to the activities already reported in previous updates:

  • The first e-learning process: Final process "Compliance Monitoring System" with EPA has been successfully completed.

The process has involved software revision and upgrade, the elaboration of the user manual, the first training “Risk assessment refresh training" and training for the EPA team carried out in two sessions. The e-learning training activity has reached 52 EPA professionals.

  • The NACAP Annual Report Preparation Process (National Anti-Corruption Plan) has been completed.  The first phase of the process carried out by CHRAJ and Anti-Corruption Institutions was carried out online in virtual workshops, where they compiled statements and reports according to NACAP.

The second phase, the validation by the High-Level Implementation Committee (HiLic), was performed in person on 27 and 28 July 2020 when validating the NACAP 2019 Annual Progress report which is a fundamental instrument for the fulfillment of CHRAJ's mandate for monitoring, implementation, and control of NACAP; National Anti-Corruption Plan.

  • The following processes have been launched in this period and are in an advanced stage of development:

o   Public education process CHRAJ

o   Public education in compliance monitoring system EPA

o   Public education in complaints EPA

  •  The COVID-19 action was implemented on 23 July 2020 through a Handover ceremony where connectivity platforms, equipment, and packages were delivered to institutions at the ARAP office with limited assistance and observing security measures and protocols.  The objective of this action was to promote a safe working environment through the use of new technology.

COVID-19 action video: https://bit.ly/344fprF

Relationship and communication with the EU

  • The 5th financial report for implementation over the past year has been approved. Payment of 2,500,000€ was received.
  • Addendum No. 5 of the programme has been approved with the EUD with retroactive effect from 1 June 2020, for the extension of the deadline for contracting (which will end on 29 January 2021) of budget items, and a budget amendment.
  • The concrete action of response and support to the fight against the crisis generated by the pandemic affecting many areas: health, social, economic, and labour, has been carried out as requested by the EUD. The activity focused on strong support for promoting the maintenance of occupational safety and work effectiveness under the circumstances imposed by the pandemic using new technologies.

It has been shared with the EUD Communications Department (as they have been interested), more information, and the video made for its inclusion and reflection of this ARAP activity in a promotional video of the activities and actions of the EUD in Ghana in response to the effects of the pandemic.

 We are #UnitedAgainstCOVID19


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