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African Union Anti-Corruption Day 2019
Published 11/07/2019
African Union Anti-Corruption Day 2019

Corruption is a global threat.  It is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies.  As a result, corruption affects everyone and can lead to less prosperity, less respect for rights and less provision of services. 

One of ARAP's significant focus areas has been supporting key Institutions within Ghana's justice sector.  They include the Office of the Attorney General, the Judicial Service and the Judiciary, the Ghana Police Service, and the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).

The Legal Aid Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and the EOCO are the other institutions being supported by ARAP, which continue to play central roles in Ghana's anti-corruption efforts.

The African Union International Anti-Corruption Day is a time to reflect on the progress made and the critical work ahead to fight corruption at all levels.  It is a time to reinforce our standing united against corruption.  When we work together we can make a positive impact on all our communities and ensure a lasting benefit for the overall development of our nations.