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A Head Start for ARAP’s Final 18 Months in Ghana
Published 30/05/2019
A Head Start for ARAP’s Final 18 Months in Ghana

The Ambassador of the European Delegation to Ghana has focused her attention to ARAP, as the Programme enters its final 18 months of implementation and activity plans in Ghana.

This remaining period of time is operating under new leadership, which continues to work closely with key stakeholders to strengthen Ghana’s accountability, rule of law and anti-corruption efforts.

This new phase commenced with ARAP’s Engagement Field Trip, which took place in April alongside representatives from the European Union Delegation.  Led by Ambassador Diana Acconcia, this was an opportunity to view the progress being made by certain partner stakeholders - the Attorney General’s Office in the Chief State Attorney’s Office of Kumasi, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Dunkwa On Offin Office.

The visits demonstrated significant developments following ARAP’s provision of technical expertise, crucial resources and public education, to help strengthen good governance across Ghana.  Ms. Acconcia commended the good results achieved by stakeholders thanks to the Programme’s support, and encouraged ARAP to help continue the progress made so far by such Institutional efforts.

The field trip included the participation of the new officially appointed ARAP Team Leader, Ana Esther Sánchez, who joins the team with extensive experience as a jurist.  A judicial authority, she has taken part in numerous international criminal investigation processes.  She has been a representative of the Spanish Ministry of Justice to the Council of the European Union in matters of digital justice, and her international experience has included support to national judicial systems, legal reforms and good governance efforts, such as the implementation of different cooperation projects in Mozambique and Bolivia.

The 11th Steering Committee meeting was held on 23 May, where all stakeholders adopted the previously agreed 2019-2020 work plans.  Since taking up the role with ARAP in Accra, the Team Leader has met with all stakeholders separately, to develop realistic workplans that will guide the implementation of their strategic activities across Ghana.

This meeting convened all stakeholders, who reported on the 32 activities implemented with ARAP support between 22 February and 22 May 2019.

A focus of the meeting was ARAP’s line of action to enhance the capacity of the Legal Aid Commission, the Office of the Attorney General and the Judicial Service with regards to the Chief Justice’s Practice Direction on pre-trial disclosures, which sets out a new way of working in the criminal procedure process.  The significant progress being made by stakeholders concerning complaints management and public education was also addressed.

The 11th Steering Committee meeting was hosted by members of the ARAP Coordination Unit, in the recently refurbished office based in Accra.